World, I Miss You

World, I miss you

World, I love you

World, I see you from my screens

Yearning to seek out, reach out, connect beyond the glow of LED

More ways than ever to connect while feeling less and less connection

Background noises distract from the internal

Smoke and mirrors are the game of the day

No such thing as real news or investigative journalism

It’s all just money, the worship of money

This is reality and humans are just toddlers and teenagers of evolution

Individuals are the only ones now who can change the world

Take to your mind and heart, write and document what is really there, what is seen, felt

Resist being fooled by headlines and power plays

All coming to a head, the world won’t wait to plummet

The island is getting smaller as the tide closes in from all directions

Seek out the pleasures of art, music, love and people

Connecting with each other is soon to be our only way

Electricity, water and the air we breathe is all but a luxury

World, I miss you and want to feel you in my bones again

Get the bills paid and let’s travel forever


I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.

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Harness the Comet

One experience, one perspective

Each one experiences from only one vantage point

All while absorbing a thousand others.

Contain, sustain, train, maintain, campaign,

Whirlwind and back again.

Life – the great adventure.

People – the great confusion.

Come here for non-stop excitement, ups and downs, the ultimate mind fuck…

adventures, joys, terrors, sadness and the gamut are on this ride.

No wonder the masses stay discombobulated…not sure where to focus.

So is Life, the ultimate experience – we forget and come back, do it all again.

Life the Adventure pursues…Come one, come all,

Life will take you far and wide, show you light and dark

and overload your senses

until becoming lost seems the solution.

And then it isn’t.

The adventure is to find footing and gain balance. The inner self can transcend bodily experience.

Life, the world…beastly in its many disguises – changes in demeanor, shape, purpose, body, mind…spirit.

To tame the beast…is just a game, after all.

Beyond what can be contained – life, like trying to catch a comet, cannot be captured, only harnessed.

No taming needed.

Harness the energy, harness inward, harness the stars. Harness the comet known as life.

Ride and soar well past the lost places all the way to that glorious moment when you just KNOW.

Life is a movie. The writer, director and producer control the star of the show.

Do you write and direct your own life? If not, fire the staff and take over, pronto!

Ode to She

She searches for herself, finding it, she wields her sword at life.

Where is she going, she has a plan

A plan, a plan, this fuels her, she wields

Swinging for life, swinging, finding experience, finding more

More than she wanted to find.

Life, she saw it, Life comes at her, Life Teaches

She wields her sword of knowledge, justice, integrity, desire to learn

Desire, desire to be seen, understood, all the way.

Desire she feels within, harder to find without, but love blossoms

Blossoming, love, she finds and sees and feels

The plan molds and shows signs of fruition, only to show hidden blemishes.

She looked away, wielding a sword for happiness

She tried and failed. Tried and Triumphed.

She wielded and fought against threats to her peace

Defending her mind and heart, jabs and punches, pain and licking wounds

Then she understood…there is no fight outside the within.

She saw that and let go, let go and released

In releasing, she felt the truth, she understood, more than theory.

All on her, She wielded once more, but this time with Understanding

Understanding, she was able to conquer not others, but her own mind.

She is learning to love the within, and in that happiness follows.

She is strong, enduring and fearless.

She is vulnerable, kind and curious.

She is expression and passion.

She is perfectly imperfect. Human.

She is all of Us.

She is Me.


* I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.*

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