Clouds Lift on Self-Doubt

Seeking to grow, to know

the capabilities.

Feeling the pull

of a different reality.

Waiting to go, ready to blow

Out of this stuck place

And into my new space

Wherever that may be,

I know there, I can find me.

If you’re the kind of person (I am) who requires more time and experience to hone your inner strengths and abilities enough to break out of the consciousness clouds of self-doubt, you may struggle with habits and take longer to get where you want to go, but it’s certainly possible. Most importantly, you must take out the trash! Rid your life of ideas, mindsets and people who bring you down. Surround yourself with only those who lift you up and expose you to upward motion (as opposed to wallowing in one place complaining and blaming – and getting buzzed in the process to drown out the inner cries of your soul to do MORE with your life) to be able to truly OWN yourself and confidently conquer the world in whatever form that is for you. (My new mantra?)

As hard as it may be, release what holds you back. The beer, the wine, the smoke….where has it gotten you? Sure, it’s comforting and produces numbness, a protective layer from the outer pain and inner turmoil…but you don’t go anywhere.

The forward movement slows to a crawl.

The only thing to truly conquer is self-doubt.

Where is me? All over the place. Yet so much good is happening at once. I’m learning to appreciate what I have right now, focusing on what IS rather than what IS NOT.

With loss comes gain, and gain comes loss, but the changes are inevitable and allow for true growth.

The clouds of my self doubt are lifting as I reclaim my passions. Passions are meant to be pursued. I’m listening to that inner voice telling me to go forward, and I put one foot in front of the other.



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Angelina Jolie interviews w/ WomanSeesWorld!

Last month I had the unexpected and serendipitous delight to meet Ms. Jolie at a Women’s History Month event and she agreed to interview with me about women’s issues, even though we are not a national publication.

Below is what she said……………..



Couldn’t resist. We look forward to the day that Ms. Jolie is willing to give us an interview. 🙂

In the mean time, I’m using April Fool’s Day as the inspiration for this post about having a sense of humor and letting people (and ourselves) off the hook more often.

Letting others off the hook can be a tough one, especially when a person has really been a bonehead (or jerk or biatch or whatever) and we want to teach said bonehead a lesson. First you must ask yourself, why do I feel the need to teach this person a lesson and how much of my time and energy am I willing to give to this endeavor? Is it really because I think she/he will respond and learn from this or is it simply to punish this person? Is it a valuable use of my time and energy? If that person is a bonehead, do I really want to give her/him that much power over me? Punishing others takes A LOT of energy, that’s why letting people off the hook can be very freeing. If you just don’t care about it anymore, it can’t affect you. Not forgiveness, just releasing it from your mind.

MOVING ON is the better way to deal with boneheads. Feel your anger; acknowledge your feelings and then LET IT GO because any energy given to “teaching a lesson” or punishing another is keeping said incident or bonehead in power, keeping it alive and at the forefront of your mind.

Try not to be so affected by the actions and words of others – and this goes DOUBLE for what you see on social media and news feeds. It’s all part of the machine, don’t be so easily manipulated by the expressions of others. Have a thick skin, like a rhino, impenetrable. Realize people are going to disappoint and frustrate you every, single, day and it’s up to you whether or not to let it change your mood. You always have that choice, to maintain your state of mind or give it up to someone else.

The same goes for you. See yourself as a child the next time you want to chastise or berate yourself for this or that. “You’re such a klutz. You look fat today. Your hair is awful. Why are you such an idiot?” Would you talk to a 5-year-old that way? Of course not, unless you are just a cruel person who doesn’t mind making kids cry (or scarring them for life). Kids learn criticism from adults. They learn how to be cruel from adults. Every thought you think or say to yourself, your mind believes, therefore it makes sense to only fill it with the good. It helps you stay confident and happy. If your inner child feels safe, you feel safe.

Have a sense of HUMOR about people and the stupid things they do – sometimes all you can do it just laugh about it, and often, that makes you feel better.

So today, in honor of being silly and foolish, just have some fun and let everyone, including YOU, off the hook, with a big laugh!

Cheers! 🙂


I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.

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