Fall, My Love

Leaves change from green to orange, yellow and red, dropping from the tree to blanket the world below.

Some fall faster than others leaving a single leaf at the top of the tree holding on, not ready to let go just yet of another year.

Seeing the transition prepares my spirit for saying goodbye, all while saying hello.

My heart, my love crescendos in the seasonal transition.

Taking stock, reviewing memories, each day remembering to be grateful, remembering to honor what I do have and what does work in my life.

It takes more than one day a year to truly feel the benefits of life yet I look forward to a time when the weather is cooler and people are closer, allowing us to focus on affirming what one does want and what can be good.

Autumn, my heart jumps while it falls as another year is slips through my fingers, all while feeling the rise of warmth coming in the promise of a new year.

You are my favorite time of year and with it you bring a visual and emotional wonderland of past and present.

Wind down and slow yourself into winter, but let me enjoy your rich colors for just a big longer.

Until we meet again next year, I shall cherish every moment, taking stock internally and externally, correcting my errors and forgiving myself.

Seasons change showing us the phases of life, transitions, life and birth, decline and death. Nothing can outrun these transitions and each season prepares and allows for reflection upon the spring, summer, fall and inevitable winter of life.

Fall, embrace me one last time this year as I prepare for the next.



Transitioning-Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in another whole new year, reflecting as we all do, I thought it apropos to offer a blog on this last (literally) day of the year.

We all may be asking ourselves: What have I learned this year?  Am I a different person than this time a year ago?

Hmm.  For me, I think so, even if in just small ways.  A year is fast and while it’s true that a year is not a long time, what a difference a year makes.

This about sums it up for me for 2014 – vivid, active, reflective and transformative.

The journal entry below is a great cap off for this past year…..

~ 12/10/14: Dreams, vivid and comprehensive and crowded dreams of late – yet it’s been doing that all year. My subconscious is on overdrive, churning out the ideas and leftover clutter and sorting out the details and working out whatever it is that’s constantly rolling in my brain!! This year has been one of the most robust with dreams that I can remember. I’ve always had dreams and often have vivid ones, which tells me I have an extremely active psyche – of course that’s evidenced by my stiff neck and shoulders from all this thinking and talking – but lately it’s playing out exactly some higher functions of my subconscious. Getting older, more mature, possibly starting a family, going into the next phase of true maturity and responsibility, being there for others, taking care of things and being of service, letting things go and understanding how to work WITH the Universe rather than against it, cleaning up my thoughts – etc. All of these overarching ideas and thoughts are reinforced at night while I dream. This year has been one of massive transformation for me – really the last few – last part 2013 all the way to the end of 2014 has been one of the complex emotionally and most rewarding, of my life. ~

So to anyone reading this – grab life, give yourself a break while you work out your shit (and we all have plenty of baggage), and no matter what – honor the SELF for you are the only self you have and you can only experience life from your point of view – so respect, be kind to and stand behind yourself.

Happy New Year and here’s to a record-breaking 2015!