Here, you will see comments, quotes, musings and tales of the past, present and future from me, the author of this blog…but I won’t be the feature for long. This is to be a forum for women to share their comments, quotes, musings and tales – women all over the country. During 2014, I’ve been interviewing women of various backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, professions and income levels. This interview process will continue into 2015 and then, indefinitely. I’ve asked the interviewees, all women, the same questions and collected all their varied responses to share with you here. The interviewees shall remain anonymous, but I collected the demographic data. My instinct on how the content will be received is this: you will see throughout these varied and different women, commonalities and differences develop in the strangest of places. You will also see the essence of what it is like to be a woman, right now, in today’s world (and the experiences of “back then”). While some things may not surprise you, others certainly will, but overall all the comments encapsulate the female experience – how Women see the World.

At this time I choose to remain anonymous in order to preserve the purpose of the blog, which is in essence a cultural adventure. I give thanks for the opportunity to present this forum and for the ability to connect with readers in a meaningful way. Enjoy WomanSeesWorld.

Official soft launch: November 2014 😉


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