The Narcissist

On the surface I put on the happiest show

All the while the darkness bubbles below.

The good things that I want you to see

Cannot be stifled by the flaws of the real me.

If you happen to catch a glimpse of truth

My venom, my fears, dismiss it as a fluke.

I am only here to serve you and tell you how

Everything you do is designed to make me wow.

I compliment and agree, make you laugh and then I pay

For everything you don’t ask for, so you’ll owe me someday.

I’m always here for you, through the good times and hardships

Just make sure it’s always good, only my rose-colored Kool-Aid will I sip.

That sense of security you feel in the loyalty I supply

Will completely evaporate, if you ever question my motives why.

No mirror will break in front of me, for I refuse to look, I’ll never see.

Only good things about me do I ever believe.

How could I possibly do anything wrong when I never take accountability?

I may do shitty things, but you know I love you and don’t need to explain.

If you insist that I have flaws, I’ll leave and never turn back again.

The only reality is the one where we are always happy, doing things my way,

I don’t understand why you now have a problem with the things I say.

You know me. I’d do anything for you…as long as you obey.

I don’t know what I’d do without you…unless you have a problem with me.

We’re enemies – I cast you away!


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