World, I Miss You

World, I miss you

World, I love you

World, I see you from my screens

Yearning to seek out, reach out, connect beyond the glow of LED

More ways than ever to connect while feeling less and less connection

Background noises distract from the internal

Smoke and mirrors are the game of the day

No such thing as real news or investigative journalism

It’s all just money, the worship of money

This is reality and humans are just toddlers and teenagers of evolution

Individuals are the only ones now who can change the world

Take to your mind and heart, write and document what is really there, what is seen, felt

Resist being fooled by headlines and power plays

All coming to a head, the world won’t wait to plummet

The island is getting smaller as the tide closes in from all directions

Seek out the pleasures of art, music, love and people

Connecting with each other is soon to be our only way

Electricity, water and the air we breathe is all but a luxury

World, I miss you and want to feel you in my bones again

Get the bills paid and let’s travel forever


I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.

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