The Great Equalizer

Rushing, turning, immeasurable

Force, life force, the great unknown

Chase it and watch it disperse, evaporate

Hope for it and see it linger just out of reach

Fear it and find its darkest side

Be open but not searching, the great mystery includes you.

Crash, boom, BANG, there it is

“It.” What the ancients wrote about,

composers rhapsodize about,

the one human experience that is grasped tightly while being un-explainable.

We can all experience it, yet it cannot be contained.

The story changes while it stays the same. Time and again, it can befall anyone.

It, the tide, the surge. chemistry, tingling and then depth.

Un-contained, unexplained or willed into or away from, for that is the mystery.

It, we can experience up or down, for it is Love. Even some of the darkest of us experience love. As the great equalizer, two souls intertwine to create.

Create a feeling, a mutual, non-mutual, visceral yes or no.

Beyond all logic and intention, it equalizes even the strongest of wills to its wiles.

It cannot be chosen for it chooses us. Love fuels while it resists the human function,

Existing on a plane all its own.

It cannot be defined other than to call it indefinable.

Love is the great equalizer beyond philosophy and doctrine

Beyond culture and laws.

Surrounding each conscious being is the capacity to be equalized by love.

Humbled, crushed, exalted, ruined by that one uncontrollably and yet all at the same time, controllable, element.

For as we further embrace oneness with each other, acknowledge the unknown and recognize the unexplainable,

Love, as equalizer, erases the barriers.

****In honor of the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States – 6-26-2015.****


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