Nostalgic Heart

Nostalgia – what a strong feeling it is when you see and feel the changes in your life taking place as they are happening. You know that it is memories being created in real time, slipping through your fingers just as they caress you. What a bittersweet and special feeling to experience life in a series of moments!

Moments make up the psyche – the fond jokes, the tender looks, the pictures of perfect afternoons and the life altering events…so many moments in varying degrees give an instant emotion to the image floating in your mind.

It’s as if you can touch these moments while they happen and if you open your heart enough, you can feel them imprinting your memories. To know when a certain era of your life is unfolding and soon will be in the past is an interesting parallel to live upon because just as the cycle is never ending, so it ends.

Remember when he rubbed my forearm one morning a few months ago, tickling me softly with his finger tips to gently wake me up for the day? Remember when my sweet doggie got her first birthday cake 11 years ago? Can’t you just see in your mind the Grand Canyon the first time you saw it? Doesn’t the rush still tingle your spine from the time you went skydiving? Yes! To all of them.

Like a rainstorm of emotion, I feel the moments wash back over me. For a split second I actually feel the way I felt in those moments, and my heart smiles while my tummy flips a little. What a rush, I love it!

In the dictionary, nostalgia is defined as a yearning for the happy feelings of a time past – but for me it’s more complex than that. The yearning is to capture that moment once again, but not to go back and never leave again. Instead, I remember and become happy it was there. I see moments happening and know it’s passing and notice the moments before they become nostalgia. Oh yes, notice life as it happens.

Looking back on these lately, I feel ever stronger the presence of mortality, not in a morose way but rather the reality that this life has a time limit. As cliché as it is, it makes life more precious. It’s easy to understand why keeping the mind clean and refusing to engage in pettiness and anger inducing activities can allow for a headspace that cultivates peace of mind.

I encourage everyone to always stop and revel in these memories when they happen. Feel the magic of your favorite moments…alive in your mind once again. I look forward to the day we can really replay them in a virtual world, or something cool like that! HA! Who knows what is possible if we can harness our humanity in enough time to keep up with our technology! 😉

On a Sunday morning when you’re sipping coffee on the porch, midday when you’re looking out the window of your office, while driving the same way you used to go to high school, when you see a movie that makes you think of home – wherever that moment is, capture it and FEEL it – savor it, relive it, breathe it in for it only lasts another moment before you’re pulled back into everyday life, once again. Nostalgia is a fun ride into the greatest technology on Earth, the human brain!

Capture the moments, hold on to them, revisit them when you can use a lift in spirits. Enjoy. Repeat.


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