Harness the Comet

One experience, one perspective

Each one experiences from only one vantage point

All while absorbing a thousand others.

Contain, sustain, train, maintain, campaign,

Whirlwind and back again.

Life – the great adventure.

People – the great confusion.

Come here for non-stop excitement, ups and downs, the ultimate mind fuck…

adventures, joys, terrors, sadness and the gamut are on this ride.

No wonder the masses stay discombobulated…not sure where to focus.

So is Life, the ultimate experience – we forget and come back, do it all again.

Life the Adventure pursues…Come one, come all,

Life will take you far and wide, show you light and dark

and overload your senses

until becoming lost seems the solution.

And then it isn’t.

The adventure is to find footing and gain balance. The inner self can transcend bodily experience.

Life, the world…beastly in its many disguises – changes in demeanor, shape, purpose, body, mind…spirit.

To tame the beast…is just a game, after all.

Beyond what can be contained – life, like trying to catch a comet, cannot be captured, only harnessed.

No taming needed.

Harness the energy, harness inward, harness the stars. Harness the comet known as life.

Ride and soar well past the lost places all the way to that glorious moment when you just KNOW.

Life is a movie. The writer, director and producer control the star of the show.

Do you write and direct your own life? If not, fire the staff and take over, pronto!


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