Compassion for Ne’er-Do-Wells – Redirecting Energy

Trolls. The stuff of fantasy books, trendy toy fads and most recently trolls have come to signify those who hang out online to spread aggression, disdain and general negativity. We’ve all heard of them and many of us have probably been targeted by them. I suppose once you’re officially targeted by Internet trolls, you’ve made it to some “level” of “notoriety” enough to get the attention of the trolls. Not so fast. You know that trolls, in general, spend countless hours not interacting directly with humans but instead are perusing the Internet, looking for bait, making sure they’re on alerts to any post that may bring up something they want to fight/harass about at any given moment. So that means that it probably isn’t a status symbol unless you’re so famous/infamous that you’re automatically a target.

The rants, the comments, the “trolling” and stalking aren’t a crusade to change opinions…as if opinions can be changed via verbal abuse. But then, that’s not why they do it, is it? It’s really a simple exchange of energy. They crave food (negative reactions) and in order to get food they have to go fishing (trolling select target genres) using bait (comments) which are either flat out attacks or more subtly, the bait is a comment left in in such as way as to imply they may be up for a conversation. Of course we know or soon find out, in fact, that they are not the least bit interested in discussion. Trolls simply need ONE nibble (response) at their bait and it’s time to set the hook (ridiculous amount of comments to the original one response). If the bait is taken, then the exchange of energy is 100-fold, in an attempt to elicit an even BIGGER response from the target, which would then generate an even BIGGER troll attack. It’s a simple energy extraction.

But then, what’s the rule?? Don’t feed the trolls, right? Very true.

So what’s the compassion part? Honestly, trolling is an emotional outlet – probably the only one the trolls have. Who knows what circumstances and experiences led them to this mental state where they feel “empowered” to be hateful to others, anonymously. (Empowered and anonymous do not coalesce.) If your life consists of more than just work and trolling the internet, you most likely have more outlets with which to express yourself and be heard, and most likely with your own identity, not anonymously. The anonymity gives trolls their power, power that is most likely unavailable to them in the real world. However, virtual worlds are a safe haven and a place to become a master – a master to bring displeasure to others and find camaraderie and fraternity with those who are willing to do the same. The majority of trolls fit into a basic category. Research about Internet trolling and those who target others for negative harassment confirm that reality.

Never underestimate the power of emotional pain and frustration. Angst, anger, pain, torment at lack of power and control over circumstances, sadism, narcissism – all these things come from a dark place, a hole that cannot seem to be filled by anything other than making others feel yucky things. Maybe it’s the only way they feel less of the abyss, the emotional darkness, when they spread it to someone else. Darkness comes at us in all forms, and maybe even from people you’d never suspect of having such anger or sadism in them. Even if we are happy and completely stable and doing everything with integrity, we can become the target of negative energy – because it’s not about us – it’s about that person at that moment and his/her own internal workings.

With that, I choose compassion for haters and ne-er-do-wells because it’s the only thing that neutralizes the effect of their energy (and don’t get me wrong, I get angry and want to direct the same negativity right back, but that only feeds the beast and generates more of it). Resist the urge to engage, release the need to be affected by the comments of others and redirect any attacks (online or otherwise) into positive energy for yourself. It’s fuel, you know why? Because when you are the subject of negativity, obviously you affected someone, got their attention (maybe not in a way you wanted) and their reaction comes from fear, envy, sadism, narcissism, et cetera, NONE of which are under your control.

What other people do is ALWAYS about them and NEVER about you. Take nothing personally, ever, even if done directly to you, because people do things from their own perspective and for their own reasons that typically have NOTHING to do with you or what’s really happening. By refraining from engaging or reacting, your energy gets to stay with you and can remain your own fuel instead of food for a hater. When you resist the negativity vacuum, you maintain your inner peace.


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