Accepting the Self – a Poem

Feeling my way back toward

Inner happiness and acceptance.

What is the path, where is the start?

Here and now, me, within – not outside

Take me, Lead me, Show Me, Follow Me

Passion surging my brain, seeking outlet

Then blocked, reopened and spilling forth.

Ebb and flow, waves of anger and acknowledgment

Acceptance and letting go – what they did, what I did.

I define me, even in midst of swirling uncertainties, only me, only I.

Finding a way back to inner truth, inner reflection, inner acceptance

Brings an understanding to my own heart and mind – I am who I am

Whether it seems like it or not, that is enough, even though it isn’t, it is.

Tears of pain, anguish at lost time, struggle and strife to find my way, freedom.

Realizing my own creation within, storm brewing in my mind as a framework

For my next big thing, project, path, work…me, my identity in my work, strong,

But it doesn’t control me, for I do that now, for the detours are closed, for I am.

Right now, time eternal, myself, my life, is good enough, even though it isn’t, it is.


I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.

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