Rebirth – You, Me, We

With the spring flowers blooming, trees releasing their pollen and buzzing insects bopping around, it’s that time of rebirth for this latitude of the planet. Spring. Rebirth.

Spring is a symbolic time for me as I am in a huge rebirthing of my life. Here I go again with the “type” that I’ve mentioned in so many earlier blogs – my type – the mid-30s GenXer who “started over” with life, career and love at a time when she thought all that would’ve been done and onto a multi-million dollar novelist career by now!

As you get past 30 and realize that your life isn’t over if you haven’t accomplished THAT HUGE LIST of things that were supposed to be set in place by 30, you give yourself a break. You realize that you command your own life’s timeline and not that of anyone else’s or society’s. When you are successful in the way YOU consider success, then who cares what age you are? It’s society that pushes the thought of inadequacy upon people who aren’t overachievers with careers set in place by 25. Most of us need the 20s to FIGURE OUT LIFE and get our asses kicked a bit because we don’t know what the hell we’re doing or what we really want. In your 20s you only know what you THINK you SHOULD want based on the data being received. And the younger you are, the more RIGID you are about things having to work out just the way you want them to.

That’s just immaturity. Maturity teaches you that nothing in life is certain except change, and the fact that you exist in such a paradigm. What you thought was the way it HAS TO BE changes with time and circumstances. You evolve, situations evolve and change. Putting yourself in a box of “HAS TO BE THIS WAY” simply limits your experiences and ultimately creates dissatisfaction when you can’t make all your life experiences fit into the box you created. Maybe all that sounds passé, but it couldn’t be truer; even if it’s not what we want to hear.

We are all good enough right now, and striving for more is a good thing – just believe and KNOW you can do it and that just because you may not be where you want to be in every facet of your life, just yet, doesn’t mean you can’t get there!

I have reclaimed my life, my identity, my love, mySELF. I am a WRITER, a communicator, someone who loves to express and connect with the expressions of others. I enjoy it whether the experience is attached to a paycheck or not. I love to learn, to explore, to know.

Even through the pollen and sneezing and puffy eyes, I feel the rebirthing taking place. The butterflies are about to bust out of their cocoons to flap wildly the wings of change, rebirth and LIFE! Sneezing is just releasing stale ideas!

Be OPEN to ALL the GOOD and ABUNDANCE in the UNIVERSE and know that it is your right to have it! Be mindful of your self-talk – it’s a conversation with the Universe, which is a YES Universe. Whatever you think about yourself, you ARE.

This Spring, be aware of your own rebirth and own who you are right now – be proud of, happy with and grateful for who you are right now. This is the only time in your life you will be this you. Cherish it. That’s the only way you’ll get to the next level of YOU!

Happy Spring.  🙂


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