Fuel Me Forward

Working on myself. The self.

Self worth, self acceptance, self empowerment.

Getting my bearings as I take control of myself, my habits and release the things that no longer work for me. It’s difficult to look at everything, your life, and accept things you thought you would have accomplished by now are not done yet – to realize how you’ve held yourself back and to embrace yourself to release your fears – it’s a big one.

I realize I’ve talked most of my life. Talked about what I am, what I was going to do, the ultimate goals, an open book to all. Of course I took action, a lot of action, but it was always leading to the NEXT thing and I was happy to promote what I’d be doing “next.” But of course, when you don’t do the NEXT things as expected, perceptions received by others are unwelcome and can penetrate the barrier.

Talk, talk, talk, talk. Bitter pill to swallow when you realize you’ve talked more, done less than you expected for your talk.

Yet in the same breath it’s empowering to know you can reclaim yourself. Expression is powerful but action is the fuel for expression. I breathe life BACK into myself and look to my inner strength to guide me.


Powerful life, winds of courage, breathe into my heart

Inspiration seized, thoughts into action

I feel your fire!

Fuel me forward, I forge ahead regardless of the weather

This time, nothing can stop me, even if slowed down, forward I tread.

Slowly isn’t stopped. Action is movement.

Fuel me forward, I tread my path, I live.


I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.

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