Ode to She

She searches for herself, finding it, she wields her sword at life.

Where is she going, she has a plan

A plan, a plan, this fuels her, she wields

Swinging for life, swinging, finding experience, finding more

More than she wanted to find.

Life, she saw it, Life comes at her, Life Teaches

She wields her sword of knowledge, justice, integrity, desire to learn

Desire, desire to be seen, understood, all the way.

Desire she feels within, harder to find without, but love blossoms

Blossoming, love, she finds and sees and feels

The plan molds and shows signs of fruition, only to show hidden blemishes.

She looked away, wielding a sword for happiness

She tried and failed. Tried and Triumphed.

She wielded and fought against threats to her peace

Defending her mind and heart, jabs and punches, pain and licking wounds

Then she understood…there is no fight outside the within.

She saw that and let go, let go and released

In releasing, she felt the truth, she understood, more than theory.

All on her, She wielded once more, but this time with Understanding

Understanding, she was able to conquer not others, but her own mind.

She is learning to love the within, and in that happiness follows.

She is strong, enduring and fearless.

She is vulnerable, kind and curious.

She is expression and passion.

She is perfectly imperfect. Human.

She is all of Us.

She is Me.


* I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.*

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