Telling My Story in a New Way

Making changes and working towards a better me…that’s the theme for 2015. I’m rewriting or at least continuing my story, and I’m ready to tell it (and others’ stories) in a new way.

Like for instance, in the spirit of the Lenten season (yes, I was born Catholic although I do not practice organized religion, per se, but I like some of the themes) I am putting $$ in a jar anytime I say out loud or think internally a negative thought or criticism about myself or another – even when they deserve it, like in traffic. The idea is to reduce the negativity swirling around my head, thus keeping more peaceful headspace. If you get back what you put out, I want the GOOD!  (Needless to say, I’m racking up the change and loose bills…but even better, I’m more mindful of my thoughts and words and the complaining/critiquing has significantly reduced!)

Also, in honor of Women’s History Month (which is March, btw), I am reading a new article about or researching the history of groundbreaker women whom I have never heard of before – current or past. #womenshistorymonth #herstory

As I’ve said in previous posts, I see this time now, in the late teens of the 21st century, as the cusp of the Era of the Woman and now is a time when we, as women, level the playing field and have more influence than ever before – utterly balancing out eons of mismanagement by a unitarian system. Women AND many other groups who have long been subsidized in society, are reaching their (our) own Singularity where the world is different – diverse, respectful, and encouraging of holding a full court or table or council with all groups represented – both genders and all groups – until hopefully one day we really are just Earthlings – but that’s probably another thousand years or so – then again, what do I know? Time is speeding up and as it speeds up, it changes faster and faster until….who knows!

Massive social/spiritual evolution planet-wide, I say? Pollyanna it seems now, but as the Dalia Lama said himself back in 2010, “Western women will save the world.” (That statement, in which he also called himself a feminist, has inspired a couple books on the topic – this one and this one.) More importantly, women from every direction, are and have been saving it all along in the ways they could, but now we can come out and demonstrate it, breaking away from anonymity!

None of this is to take anything away from men, as I’ve said, there are two genders and feminism isn’t about squashing out the male race. Men are very important and have done much for society. No one gender is better than the other. We are different and complimentary – emphasis on COMPLIMENTARY. We depend on each other and it’s obvious we are at a time when the acknowledgment of that and accountability to that is at a new peak. Using both sides of our planetary brain – the male and female – we can solve and evolve.

And even if the whole world doesn’t do it collectively, I’m still doing it individually.

I’m here to connect and communicate and move beyond the seeming limitations out there (especially the ones that I put on myself) by sharing some of my story, and that of many other women, all to help us see each other more.

I see Them. I see You. I see Me. Woman Sees World.

Peace 🙂

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