Reality v. Emotion: #LikeAGirl & the State of Women

After all the hullabaloo I thought it relevant to comment. I won’t be producing a long rant on the #LikeAGirl anti-movement of whiners (#likeaboy) who somehow think that encouraging a girl means discouraging a boy. So, here’s just a short rant…and then I’ll continue with my regularly scheduled post. Not all men (or women) feel that way (encouragement of one = discouragement of its opposite) and only a chauvinist would endear the term “meninist.” There can be no such thing because that’s all there has ever been and still is. The ENTIRE WORLD is based on a “meninist” viewpoint already – so there can be no movement of something that is the prevailing societal paradigm (globally). Thankfully, that paradigm is shifting, hence the squawking from weak-minded men.

Honestly, the #likeaboy groupies really are just immature boys who can only see women as caretakers or something to stick their **** in, whose egos are so very fragile that the mere mention of encouraging girls to feel pride in themselves elicits a deep fear that a female might do better than them at something and be recognized for it. Most of them missed the point and want to argue about why women seem to “need all this encouragement” and we are “trying to be like men” That wasn’t the point, at all. And what’s wrong with encouragement, huh?

We aren’t equal in every single sense of the word, that’s pretty obvious. Nor are we supposed to be. That’s why there are two genders – we both support each other – not just one gender as the doers and the others as the supporters of the doers – our previous/current set-up much outdated and changing as you real this. Taking the word ‘equality’ literally (as in a man’s strength and a woman’s strength can never be equal) is just as bad as the literalists in organized religion who think ancient cultural regulations should be relevant in 2015. Equality in the workplace and with legislative representation is what that term means when referring to women anyhow – not that we all want penises and want to be masculine and scratch our crotches 50 times a day. Sure there are die-hard feminist man-haters (whom I’m not calling crotch-scratchers!), but that’s the other end of the crazy spectrum. Men are better suited for some things and women are better suited for some things – but we all have brains and the capacity to grow and expand them beyond one viewpoint. That Superbowl commercial was just that, a commercial; one that happened to bring up some interesting points about gender. It is the job of a commercial to elicit emotion and it worked. The Always company is LOVING all this attention! Bravo. Everyone is so easily manipulated by advertising (myself included) that it’s almost surreal.

Overall, we have to develop a thicker skin and get BEYOND our emotions to tackle any awkward or difficult topics together, as humans, REGARDLESS of gender. I know many men and women feel this way and are ready and willing to tackle gender issues. Yet, there is always get the other side of any coin, yin/yang – the negative, fear-of-change side of things. The “meninist” haters simply show that other side and demonstrate exactly where society stands in the dance of evolving our thinking forward about gender.

Any negative comments toward #LikeAGirl should just be forgotten. Carry on with what we are doing ladies and evolved men!


My personal view of the state of women in this world is that we have made a lot of strides and I am grateful to all women who succeed and show us what women/humans are capable of doing. It inspires women to believe in themselves and not fear the success of other women. I am also grateful to those who continue to work to defend fairness and basic rights to the most oppressed in the world. That said, American society still has much work to do to get our country in a place where business, politics and public policy is genderless.

We really are in a special time for women, professionally and personally. Things are changing and at a faster rate than we’ve ever experienced before. Time isn’t just moving faster as we get older, younger folks notice it, too. Time is consumed, eaten up by a million distractions every, single day and it’s often women who, while they can get caught up in all those details, also know how to ground themselves and their serenity in the midst of true chaos to “just keep swimming.” It is that viewpoint and vantage point that gives the female perspective particular importance in this new world we’re experiencing. This takes nothing away from the male viewpoint as it is vital to our survival as well. Women simply endure. We’re built that way. Because of that, women are invaluable to helping culture make it through this tumultuous time in human history. We’re not in total chaos, but as time speeds up, so does our imminent social demise, and hopefully, rebirth.

Both genders are required to make the world go round, sure, but now we are seeing just how much the two sides of the coin can synergize for maximum capacity in every facet of life – professionally and personally. We also can see how not fully utilizing both sides of that coin (two genders) has cost and continues to cost society. Both the male and female perspective is needed in boardrooms, legislative offices and at all levels of home and business life to ensure the stability of humanity. Men are excellent at team building and taking decisive action, yet what they may lack is an attention to detail. Attention to detail is innate to a woman. Women like to iron out details to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce errors, yet can get slowed down in too many details. Getting things d-o-n-e is innate to a man. You can see how either gender is missing a piece when only using one method or the other – big picture vs. details. They actually compliment each other perfectly.

Now of course I am generalizing and I’m really referring to how the genders tend to perform projects. Not all women or all men are created with the same predispositions across the spectrum. I’m not suggesting that all women are compassionate, detail-oriented endure-ers, nor are all men unemotional doers. Sometimes we find the exact opposite. However, it’s utterly silly to pretend as if there aren’t innate gender personality predispositions in humans just as there are with any other species on the planet. To argue about that is simply human emotionalism – our young, un-evolved minds trying to make everything in the world fit into our tiny box of how we define things, which is solely based on our personal perceptions and emotions which are completely subjective and therefore invalid to logic (aka reality).

Being angry about inequality and angry at men does nothing to solve the issue and engender cooperation from men to move our ideas further into the boardrooms, legislative forums and communities. Both genders have to realize this is NOT a power struggle between each other – but a power project for ALL humans! THERE IS NO STRUGGLE IF WE WORK TOGETHER – ONLY CHALLENGES THAT WE CAN OVERCOME WITH MORE SUCCESS BECAUSE WE ARE USING BOTH SIDES OF OUR CIVILIZATION. IT’S KIND OF LIKE BOTH SIDES OF OUR BRAINS – OUR PLANET’S BRAIN IS MADE OF MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGY.

We need both sides to function optimally. Most of the world’s leaders perceive and take action via ONE gender perspective, vastly underutilizing the other one. Can you see how the imbalance could be detrimental to full societal optimization?

It is equally wrong to only see & dictate the world from the female perspective. Therefore, I think it’s important we BALANCE every level of human life – work, educational, spiritual, etc. – with the perspectives and influence of both genders. After all, there are only TWO genders, not three or five or more (and that includes transgender people because they can still only become either a man or a woman from being either a man or a woman). Therefore, it makes perfect sense in all science and nature that we, as humans, being the most intelligent beings on the planet, are designed to combine our attributes and TEAM UP to master this world and the human experience.

I’m ready to, and that’s why I’m writing this blog. Communication and honest reflection is the key to our evolution.



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