Women are Two Things…

New Quote – WSW Interviews…

What makes Southern women unique?

“Women in general are two things – either to your face or behind your back. When Southern women tell it to your face, good or bad, it’s completely honest, whether it was mean or nice. ‘Little Miss Tell-It-All.’ Sometimes my delivery comes off as being a bitch but I’m not; I just want to get my point across. Southern women are a lot more genuine (as a rule), more sincere, more real in general (not in comparison to other regions).

In L.A. everyone acts all love and happy and they try to talk you into things but the truth is they’re not your friend and they don’t care about you.

I have a softer side and out here I try to balance my femininity but if I come off too nice, they’ll take advantage of me because of my accent.”

D.I. (Demographic Info): Lives in L.A., from the South, 39, single, no kids, bartender/actress, income < $20k, grew up w/ single mom & four siblings, large & close family

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