What makes Southern women unique?

Woman Sees World is designed to showcase the female experience through a series of different women. I have interviewed women from all over the region (and coming soon – nation) and will be sharing their thoughts on things, along with mine, from here on out!

I will ask my interviewees a question like this (blog title) for each region, but first I thought it only appropriate for me to answer that question for myself.

What do you think makes Southern women unique? In other words, what traits or qualities do you consider to be unique to Southern women? My answer?

I think all women are unique in their own ways, and there are many similarities that make us women. As for Southern women, strong ties to family and a prioritization of them in your lives is most certainly a Southern staple. Honoring the family bond is a value, not to say religiously (although there is no denying the Bible belt South) but also a community/civilian value. Kin. Blood. It means something. Strong Southern women come to mind, as well. They can handle ANYTHING and keep on rolling with it; nothing can keep them down long! Seriously – they can weather any storm. Not to say there aren’t your gossipy, conniving passive-aggressive church-going type of women who judge, scorn and plot against you if you dare not to conform, but everybody has those! Overall, Southern women have a resiliency toward keeping people and relationships together.

That’s the short answer from me.

Much more on that topic, and a variety of other topics from myself and numerous ladies across the country.

First up, we’re talking to women in the South.

Feel free to add your own thoughts on Southern women here or on our Twitter page @womansees. I will retweet so long as they are good natured.

Women love to share, and I cannot wait to share with you what I’ve collected in my interviews – starting this year and beyond! 😀

Let’s put it in context: This blog is dedicated to a woman’s perspective – hence, Woman Sees World.  Last year was a soft launch as I was planting the seeds of where I am in life and this “type,” a common, recurring theme across the country of the mid-thirties woman, divorced, no kids and starting over in the love and career department when it was all supposed to be smooth sailing by now. Ok, so that’s been established.

Out of that came the inspiration to share and talk with all kinds of women, which led to discussing the current state of their lives and what values and themes have persisted. Further expanding from there – I wanted to know what these women think about everything BIG picture-wise – the state of the world, business, politics, religion, relationships, family, womankind?

This blog will include thoughts, ideas and musings from women of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and levels of career or no career – in other words – all women.

WSW is designed to showcase the female experience through the Author (me) and my journey, as well as a series of different women – anonymous in name but identified by demographic info – to present the female perspective with the labels society has assigned to us. Ultimately the hope is that people’s minds are opened about others and it helps them move beyond using the label to associate who someone is and what kind of world views they must have. All women (and all people) have wisdom and ideas they can share. You never know when a statement from another could prompt inspiration in yourself, even from someone whom you’d least expect to be inspired!

2015 will be dedicated to sharing what I’ve collected from numerous interviews with women.  This will happen regionally and then nationally.  Follow us on Twitter @womansees to see short quotes from the women interviewed. Collections of quotes will be posted monthly on the blog.

This blog is still in the launching phase.  Please forgive the irregularity of posts up to this point.  You can expect a transition as of Jan. 2015 to a minimum once per week.

Stay tuned to WSW blog and @womansees for more views from varied and diverse women.


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