It’s STILL January! :-)

If you start a blog, you have to keep going or you and everyone else loses interest.

RESET – Hello Woman Sees World!

A New Year is a time for Re-Birth, and so it is with our minds, bodies and commitments. Woman Sees World is a place for this bloggers rebirth as a writer and communicator.

It’s STILL New Year time, as it’s still January! This first month of the year is our chance to reset, renew and create our plan of action for the year. For me, this blog is the the opportunity to renew a regular schedule of creativity and connection.

Woman Sees World is here to connect and reflect on the life, thoughts, imaginings, concerns, ideas and wisdoms of women – for all genders to read and share.

As a woman, I see the world from the female perspective, and through that I hope to reveal the mind, heart and soul of women – a truly honest review and exhumation of the female experience in modern society. This is not to pursue any political agenda, nor to promote any kind of “anti-man” sentiment, but rather to share and communicate freely. This is a place for conversation and revelation. I hope to express and reveal truths and insights through the numerous encounters I share with women – to illuminate our roles in the world, and our role in its evolution.

Expect more posts. Do with them what you will.

My first big thought after ringing in 2014…find yourself and act without hesitation. Be who you are and do what you want because if you don’t, others will decide for you.


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