Comment to Women Can, Will, Are…

It must be stated that typing in negative words result in negative results. Simply using words like need, should, shouldn’t, couldn’t, etc. implies that something negative will follow it. To give the Google type experiment a control, I tried typing in only positive phrasings.

When you do type in “Women can…” you begin to see the top searches ARE, in fact positive.

For example: Women should…run for the house and senate (first one!)

So the real lesson here is – focus on the positive and you will receive positive in return. While it is a shame people think negatively of women and gender, why focus on it and dissect it and study it and discuss it and pass it around in a huge UN ad to further highlight it and give it more energy? I did it too, I shared it… I’m human. After reviewing my previous post, I gained clarity – and instead of rewriting or rewording the previous post, I’m admitting I fell right into the same trap. I’m sharing my process. This is self reflection at work.

Instant reaction, as a human, is to focus on the negative – the “Oh my,” of what we see, hear, read, etc. We hyper focus on that and the “outside world,” instead of bettering ourselves. In other words – we are distracted by the “scandal,” and ignore the chance for growth.

When you see negative, replace it with a positive. It could be a chance to shift the outcome.


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