Women…Can, Will, Are

The UN did this ad campaign to show how much anger and discrimination there is against the female gender in this world. No culture is immune, nor innocent. I did what the ad suggested – typed in “women should,” “women shouldn’t,” “women cannot,” “women need,” and it truly saddened me. I was surprisingly, surprised. Examples include: women cannot…drive, women cannot…be trusted, women shouldn’t…have rights, women shouldn’t…go to college, women should…be in the kitchen, women need…to be controlled, women need…to be put in their place.

I mean, I know and am constantly reminded of the “man’s world” paradigm, the double standards and “blind spot” in our country toward the gender issue, but it truly made me feel icky to see this UN ad – to see that no matter how progressive a culture or society claims to be, underneath it all, sexism and misogyny prevail in the subconscious mind…of both genders. My stomach sank thinking of the people typing those horrifying searches and wondering – what did your mom or sister or friend or lover do to you to make you hate women? Why are women such a target of anger and viciousness by both genders (because you know it wasn’t just men typing the negative searches)? Truth is, there are too many layers of reasons and dissecting them won’t eradicate the problem. The important thing is evolving ourselves (women and men) and our culture to wipe out such ignorance, and the more importantly, the tolerance of such ignorance.

In honor of this gender evolution, I choose to reword the searches with POSITIVE comments to AFFIRM the truth – we are all gifted and bring value to the world.

Women can…affect positive change in others.
Women are…reclaiming our power.
Women will…fix the world!

Pass it on and put those positive searches in Google!!


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